About Us

International Leadership Institute

The International Leadership Institute directs the efforts of professionals and others who share a commitment to social justice, representative democracy, and nurturing community leadership. The professionals who work through the Institute to improve their communities are widely experienced in international travel, providing technical assistance in diverse forms, from teaching to business consulting. The Institute relies upon the expertise of skilled professionals and upon cooperation with other organizations to identify and fill gaps in existing community service.

ILI and its partners have worked across the globe, from Eldoret, Kenya, to Espírito Santo, Brazil, working with local organizations and community members on a wide variety of projects including fire fighter training and technology assistance. ILI works with experts in the field to facilitate training and community partnerships.

The Institute advocates globally and locally on civil and human rights causes, promoting policy and supporting public service organizations. Every year, the International Leadership Institute celebrates its partners in global leadership through the Twin Cities International Citizens Awards Gala, recognizing those who’ve made outstanding contributions to their field on an international level.

Current & Past Projects

  • Organizing a coalition to preserve the historic site of Minneapolis’ All Black Fire Station from 1907
  • Participation in the Ad Hoc Work Group MN for Human Rights to protest police accountability failures at the United Nations
  • Organize and mentor law students to research police practices, laws, and regulations in the U.S. and Brazil
  • Internships for law students, graduate students, and undergraduate students on issues of local, national and international civil rights and human rights
  • Participation in civic education for the public and policy makers about the importance of public safety reform

The LTL International Leadership Institute was founded by its President, Judge LaJune Thomas Lange (ret.), in 1994.

ILI President Judge LaJune Thomas Lange

Judge LaJune Lange
The Honorable LaJune Thomas Lange began her legal career with the Hennepin County Public Defender’s Office as a trial lawyer until she was appointed by the governor to the trial court. Judge Lange served as a Fourth Judicial District Court Judge for the State of Minnesota handling complex civil and criminal cases until her recent retirement.

Judge Lange now serves as Senior Fellow with the Roy Wilkins Center for Human Relations and Social Justice at the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

judge lange and students
Judge Lange is the Honorary Consul of South Africa in Minnesota. She is a founding member of the Minnesota Minority Lawyers Association and has served on the Minnesota State Bar Association Board of Governors, Minnesota Women Lawyers, Minnesota Public Interest Research Foundation, American Bar Association, National Bar Association, Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers, and Minnesota Supreme Court Racial Bias Task Force. Judge Lange is an internationally recognized expert in human rights and the rule of law in developing nations.