Update: More trainees ready for gainful employment from the EASTCAPE Technical Lab!

(7/07 – edited from Randall’s report) The Labs are in great shape. The administrators are awaiting the outcome of an application for a donation for a network license. This will enable them to offer trainees connectivity. One of the centre’s current groups of trainees requires this as part of the training for additional qualifications. (Photos) The students shown are from the Coega Call Centre Training Project. Coega announced that they will build a 1,500 seat call centre, the biggest of its kind in South Africa. They are hoping that they can attract more PC computer training in their labs for this project. Although the centre only assists with the PC training component of the Call Centre training, they would also like to get involved in the actual call centre training. This seems an exciting venture and opportunity abounds. Currently their biggest challenge is writing training materials. The photographs say a thousand words and show the promise of today and tomorrow in Port Elizabeth South Africa.

This summer Judge LaJune Lange (retired), President of the International Leadership Institute, visited the Eastcape Training Center and local program partners. The Center’s collaborative partners are Community Leaders of Motherwell & Walmer Townships South Africa, Office of the Mayor, Republic of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Richard Allen Community Services, Inc., International Leadership Institute, GE Volunteers, and Kingdom Oil. Judge Lange traveled with educational leaders from the University of Minnesota, who place on several trips in the future to South Africa.

The collaborative partners in conjunction with the Eastcape Training Centre, Sidwell-Port Elizabeth, South Africa, a grassroots community based organization, proposed to the South African Department of Labour in conjunction with the Coega Project to develop a workforce development initiative that would meet the needs of the people of Motherwell and Walmer. This initiative now promotes job skills development through a job skills training program for the two targeted impoverished townships that have the greatest need. The targeted group is focused on the under skilled and impoverished population in surrounding villages of a thirty mile radius in the Port Elizabeth area. The outcome has been to place the graduates into gainful employment and to help them build careers in their home, work and social life. The workforce initiative continues to be a collaborative that works directly with Eastcape Training Centre, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and community support from the townships of Motherwell & Walmer, community service agencies, local churches and other support agencies in need of this workforce initiative training program. By implementing literacy training modules at the training facility this has enhanced the measure of securing workforce competency and graduating success.



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