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Dred and Harriet Scott Days Proclaimed in the State of Minnesota December 5–6, 2015

On December 5-6, 2015 Dred and Harriet Scott Days was proclaimed by Governor Dayton and celebrated at the Historic Fort Snelling and Sabathani Community Center in Minneapolis Minnesota. The two days of events included a youth choir, a school essay contest, civic and religious leaders speaking, and several history presentations at Fort Snelling. The Scotts for several years lived at Fort Snelling and a tour was provided of the living quarters on the site. During the Scotts time in Minnesota, a free territory at that time, this living status as enslaved persons lead to the Scotts suing for their freedom. Visit this website for more information on Dred and Harriet Scott. Thank you to all supporters of this event. details...



Fact Finding Trip to Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil August 16–26, 2015

This August 2015, an ILI Team travelled to Brazil on a fact finding technical mission.

Report developed by traveler Antonia Wilcoxon for Judge LaJune Lange, Tom Lange, Antonia Wilcoxon and Ethel Norwood.

Please take time to see the attached slide presentation.



ILI Members Donate to Improve Conditions in Classrooms at Kenya School

Members of the LaJune T. Lange International Leadership Institute funded the building of new classroom desks for students at the Kapkenduiyo School in the Minneapolis Sister Cities-Eldoret region. School supplies were also donated by the Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Youth Department.

Youth members traveled to Kenya to learn more about Kenya and other youth programs and to present the supplies in person. ILI Technical Missions continue to provide opportunities for business professionals to travel and contribute their skills to the emerging regions of Kenya. Supporting sustainable projects and building relationships connect ILI members as global citizens in several countries. details...


Youth Helping Youth in Uasin Gishu County

Reporting from Eldoret Kenya, Faith Rutto and other local youth are working to improve the lives of street children in their town.

Supported by the International Leadership Institute (ILI) and Clarence Jones, ILI Volunteer, along with The Rescue Centre youth are reaching out and planning productive meaningful events for homeless teen youth.

See details for more on her report. The Rescue Centre is one of several non-profit organizations in Uasin Gishu County that are partners with the ILI.



ILI Kenyan Volunteers Visit Kapsoya Eldoret School for Valentine’s Day

International Leadership Institute youth and their adult volunteers visited the Kapsoya Eldoret School for the Hearing Impaired to celebrate Valentine’s Day with students that are residents on the school’s campus. The youth group brought roses to brighten the day, played and helped prepare lunch and tea. The ILI supported the activity by contributing funds for the transportation that carried the local youth to the school which made for a great outing of sharing. For many this was a new adventure hope and learning. Thank you to ILI member Grace Chepkemei and her team for making this program happen. Volunteers are the heart of the ILI.



Wajir County Government Delegation Visits MN in January

Members of the Wajir County Government from Kenya visited the Cities of Edina, Minneapolis, Inver Grove Heights, Eden Prairie, and St. Paul this January 2015.

The group’s three week visit and training on government infrastructure, shared resources and governance included a recycling provider, fresh fruit industry, fire- fighting equipment and stations, community resources, legislative process, local leaders, water treatment systems, University of Minnesota system and healthcare programs. Luckily for the group Minnesota was having a period of mild winter weather during their stay. Thank you to all members of the ILI and Edina City Council that supported this warm visit.



Youth Public Health Programme 2014 – Kenya

The ILI’s Youth Leadership Conference expanded its focus this year to include examining the health issues of youth in Kenya. 2014 was the inaugural year for the opening of the Youth Public Health Programme at Hotel Sirikwa in Eldoret Kenya. The July event theme was Capacity building towards a strategic leadership for effective service delivery. Conference objectives were - to share knowledge and experiences for empowerment;
- to create exchange of knowledge and skills for sustainable development; - map out strategies for establishment of a disaster response centre. Participants were from the different sub-counties and included government officials, health professionals and students who were involved in their community. Members of the ILI Youth Advisory Group were there as well as county officials. Thank you to all that developed this expanded youth programme and ILI members that traveled to coordinate and produce this successful conference for the youth of Kenya. details...



Uasin Gishu County Government – Eldoret Sister City visited Minneapolis 2014

During a cross country visit to key sites the Uasin Gishu County Government Delegation visited Minneapolis and the new Mayor and city council members.

The quick visit included stops to Meet Minneapolis, a City Council meeting, Thompson Reuters Inc., and members of the ILI team that had brought health care training and supplies to Eldoret and surrounding Kenyan towns. As always this was a great opportunity to introduce resources and further develop our Sister City relationship.



ILI Leadership Youth Council - Kenya

Ms. Phelister Chelimo, pictured with the young men of the Kenya ILI Leadership Youth Council in front of their community project. Over the last two years, four trips have been made to Kenya to work on the development of an ILI youth leadership council with an emphasis on Public Health. More than 18 students have been provided training and resources to create projects that serve to help the greater community to become healthier. Ms. Phelister decided to work on the subject of HIV and sanitary health practices. The project shown here is demonstrating how the students are creating a healthier environment. In addition to the work projects (photos), there were several classroom sessions where additional training was provided on the reasons, cause and effects of poor health practices and benefits good community and public health programs. Other ILI students traveling with the team assisted in this project. This program will continue with subsequent trips to Kenya. details..


2013 Technical Mission ILI Sister Cities Uasin-Gishu County/Eldoret Kenya Trip Report on Kapkenduiywo Primary and Remand Center

by DeSha Russell, Ed.S.

The LTL International Leadership Institute on its second 2013 technical mission to Kenya coordinated a large group of Twin Cities and Rochester, MN professionals and youth to the Uasin Gishu County of Kenya, Africa as a part of its Eldoret Sister City relationship program with Minneapolis, Minnesota. For many travelling this was their first trip to the continent of Africa and especially East Africa.

As a part of this trip everyone was assigned to various schools and healthcare programs in the Uasin Gishu County surrounding Eldoret. The two week trip was hands-on, educational and transformative for all participants. The trip was an expansion of the Institute’s Emergency Medical Services and Fire Fighting Preparation Training Programs started in 2009. The ILI will continue to support Eldoret and surrounding county with technical exchange and healthcare training.

(Photo courtesy of DeSha Russell) | details...

Child Saving and Rescue Centre Receive Long Awaited Water Tank

Child Saving and Rescue Centre is a registered non-profit organization, and International Leadership Institute partner, working in the Kawanware slums in Nairobi, Kenya. Their organization has been involved in the war against discrimination, stigmas and realization of human rights to safe drinking water and sanitation. They are involved in the implementation of programs to bring change to the lives of the needy people in slums and other marginalized people in Kenya. They are also in need of resources and technical skills in order to achieve their goals. They have improved restrooms and are working on a stable stand for the water tank recently received.

details... | christmas photos


2012 Technical Mission: Business leaders paint a school in Eldoret Kenya as part of ILI initiative to improve conditions for urban youth

During our last ILI mission trip to Kenya in July 2012, we arranged for a local Kenyan businessman to paint a classroom at Moi Marula Primary where 60+ children normally sit in a classroom. Since ILI started working with the new parents’ council to advocate for improved facilities, two new classroom blocks have been completed and the children have moved out of wooden temporary shelters into well constructed brick buildings. We are hoping that electricity and the fiber optic cable will arrive before January.



May 2012 Eldoret Sister City Visit to Minneapolis

Minneapolis female fire fighters impressed visiting Eldoret Delegation during their May 2012 trip to meet City Officials, Fire Department Chief and training facility, Emergency Operations Center and Training Facility, Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis Water Treatment Plant, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, University of Minnesota Medical and Hospital, and National Sports Center in Blaine, Minnesota. The group also visited with the local Kenyan community and other towns in the five states region, during their stay.
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International Leadership Institute’s Sister Cities Eldoret and Minneapolis Emergency Response Training technical mission January 2011 provided critical fire fighting skills training for regional fire brigade civil servants. The ten day training was a collaboration of ILI, City of Minneapolis, Minneapolis Fire Department, Meet Minneapolis and City of Eldoret Kenya. Thank you to the many donors that supported this project.


Slideshow of Fire Fighting Training Program in Eldoret Kenya

By Captain Colleen Mullen, Engineering Officer, Minneapolis Fire Department, ILI volunteer Eldoret ERT Technical Mission – MN Spokesman-Recorder Newspaper



Eldoret Kenya and the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota Sister City Relationship

In 2000, the International Leadership Institute in collaboration with Peter Ole-Sabay presented a proposal to the City of Minneapolis that the city become an International Sister Cities’ member with Eldoret Kenya. The proposal was accepted by the Mayor and Mpls. City Council and the relationship began with a visit to Minneapolis by the then Eldoret Mayor. A visit to Eldoret by the ILI’s Youth Council laid the foundation for future sustainable projects and the building of the Little Angel Academy in Kenya.  This beginning started with a great ceremonial event attended by the then Eldoret Mayor and U.S. Embassy representatives. The ILI has continued to be supportive of projects that provide resources for the continued education and skills building of local Kenyans in the Eldoret communities and region. Contact Coventry Cowens about our Sister City Eldoret and projects.

Photographs: Minnesota medical volunteers at outreach stops in Jus Kali; and a local doctor at Kapseret reviewing patient’s record. Volunteers supported clinic at this location during their visits.

Click here for full report

Click here for more Sister City information

Minneapolis-Eldoret, Kenya sister city program wins award for humanitarian efforts - 2012


Your Support Will Send Children to School and Feed Them

Your Support Will Train Women for a Better Future

We are asking for your help with the following programs supported by the International Leadership Institute.


More than 12 years since the genocide, Rwanda has started to repair the damage to its soul and the nation. They are starting to reconcile, to rebuild and to strive toward a future that is based upon forgiveness, respect and transparency. Behind the doors of swept dirt streets lies poverty. Young women who may not be homeless, have no money and nor jobs to support themselves. These young women often face options that women all over the world face when war and conflict severs the familial structures that provide a safety net.  The commercial sex business and prostitution become the only choice for cash poor women.

Pastor Paul Ndahigwa at the Eglise Vivante de Jesus Christ au Rwanda (The Living Church of Jesus Christ in Rwanda) is providing counseling, job training and food for young women and street children. Help Pastor Ndahigwa make a difference in Kigali.

Make an impact with your donation (US dollars) of:
$10.00 buys new books and shipping fees
$25.00 buys cups and spoons for 10 students
$25.00 buys bowls for 10 students
$100.00 Feed 30 Rwanda students for 1 month
$250.00 Supports a certified Rwanda teacher for 1 month
Mail check to: ILI, 5021 Vernon Ave So, PMB 136, Minneapolis, MN 55436

(Rwanda Photograph by ILI member, Paul Corbit Brown, www.paulcorbitbrown.com - all rights reserved)


Until the year 2000, Northeastern Kenya was locked out of the economic opportunities that allowed the rest of Kenya to enjoy modern communications, sanitation systems, indoor plumbing, colleges and access to health care. Most families live in traditional homes made of tightly woven twigs. These historic structures failed to provide protection from the extremes of floods and droughts, which have plagued the area for the last 6 years. Our partners reported that mothers have committed suicide rather than watch their children die of dehydration. Children have been attacked in the Tana River while competing with crocodiles for scarce water.

Now in 2006, global warming has brought torrential rainfall and flooding which resulted in the death of many people. Agriculture and cattle herding are no longer viable options for the local population. Education provides a way forward. The Institute plans to introduce a computer technology-training center at Womankind’s school. Womankind Kenya supports the community and gives supplies directly to the people in need. The ILI has found a corporate partner to provide computers and software for a technology center in the region. Help us make this program happen.

Make an impact with your donation (US dollars) of:
$10.00 for new books and shipment fees
$25.00 towards the purchase of a generator
$100.00 purchases food for the students at the school for 1 month
$25.00 supports a teacher in the region for 1 month
Mail check to: ILI, 5021 Vernon Ave So, PMB 136, Minneapolis, MN 55436

Documenting the Good Work of Womankind-Kenya
By ILI volunteer Heather Beal, Human Rights Fellow 2010

Check out her project blog posted on her visit with Womankind Kenya, and her powerpoint presentation

Heather has been working with the ILI and as a part of her Midwest Human Right Fellowship supported by the International Leadership Institute, received an invitation to work with Womankind Kenya. The ILI is excited to support sustainable projects that work with indigenous groups and programs. Womankind Kenya is a long standing partner with the ILI.


SOUTH AFRICA/(Port Elizabeth)
Nelson Mandela Municipality

The ILI joined local consortiums’ efforts to provide a computer-training center for Port Elizabeth, that’s now renamed Nelson Mandela Municipality an Eastern Cape city. This city has black townships that are often overlooked by foreign non-profit efforts. In 2006 the computer center was delivered and installed in a location accessible to the women from the townships. Health care has been made a critical component of this program for all trainees. In just 4 months, 80 students are going from despair to dignity with a job and better future. Help us make this program and others like it sustainable and productive for the communities in need of your support. Be the light that shines on the path and join this journey to make a difference.
Mail check to: ILI, 5021 Vernon Ave So, PMB 136, Minneapolis, MN 55436

Update: More trainees ready for gainful employment from the EASTCAPE Technical Lab!



ROSA NEGRA is a nonprofit community organization based in a favela in Maua, Sao Paulo. In partnership with the International Leadership Institute (ILI), Rosas Negra has created a community center that is aimed at taking in children of the favelas and helping them grow in the right direction.  Rosas Negra provides a community center that teaches amongst other things, English, Spanish, Arts, Theatre, and human rights advocacy, grassroots organizing to the youth. The Center also teaches the children culture and history from a perspective that is representative of their tradition, ethnic background and community.
Within the Center is also a Technology Resource Center (TRC) where children and adults of the community can learn important computer and technology skills and how to use technology to advance human rights in the favelas.  The TRC is an ILI initiative directed by Obi Chukwu.  The TRC is the first of its kind in the Maua favela community and is an initiative ILI hopes to expand to other regions in Brazil.

▪Obi Chukwu, technical coordinator and legal analyst for the ILI, undertook this project to establish a public technological resource center to educate children living in the desolate slum  of Maua Brazil after traveling to Morocco with Judge Lange on a comparative legal systems conference  and ILI technical mission to Brazil. His travel was partly supported by a Midwest Human Rights Fellowship. 

The Institute has received computers for the technology center. Can you help get them there? Your support will be appreciated by the children and International Leadership Institute.

Information on the ILI/IME Institute on Race, Ethnicity, Development and Media Justice



Dodoma, Tanzania


The Bahati Academy is a school located in Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania. The Bahati Academy, an ILI partner, was established to provide excellence in education for children in the Dodoma region. The school is neither a private institution for privileged families nor a standard public school. It is an educational institution established for all students and supported by their parents sending their students to school. Support often means not money but a chicken to help the school’s lunches. Bahati Academy began as a kindergarten of three rooms next to Mary and Theo Bahati’s home and has grown in to a school that educates over 350 students through the standard 6th grade level.

Their primary focus has been to provide quality education, which includes proficiency in English, Math and the Sciences. Tanzania is known for its excellent KiSwahili language, the first language of our country and now of the African Union. However, for Tanzanian children to progress in this fast developing world they must also know that language of international business and education. Mary and Theo Bahati are certified educators and have 50 plus years of work as teachers. They have worked in private and public schools and Bahati Academy is an educator’s labor of love. This is another reason many parents are involved with the school. Parents want trained teacher educating their children for a better future. The Bahati’s struggle to build their school, and since 2003 they have built 2 – 2 story buildings of classrooms. Their plan is to continue to building another class room building and a home for the caretaker and his family. That’s the Tanzanian way. They need your help as they work to complete the school and provide supplies for the students and teachers. Also, the International Leadership Institue has designated Bahati Academy as a site for gently used books, especially in Science and Literature. Picture books that show other children of color active in all facets of life and that encourage students to reach their potential.

How this story began for our ILI volunteer…

Make an impact with your donation (US dollars) of:
$10.00 will purchase new/used gently used books or school supplies and support U. S. shipping fees
$30.00 towards the purchase of a generator
$100.00 supports lunches for the students at the school for 1 month
$40.00 supports a teacher in the region for 1 month
Mail check to: ILI, 5021 Vernon Ave So, PMB 136, Minneapolis, MN 55436

The IL is a fully qualified 501c3 non-profit organization based in Minnesota since 1994.
Your donations will be acknowledged by mail. 



The International Leadership Institute offers workshop opportunities for corporate leaders to expand their understanding of international cultures through art exhibits, samplings of cuisine and spices, in addition to conversations with international leaders.


The International Leadership Institute offers workshop opportunities for corporate leaders to expand their understanding of international cultures through art exhibits, samplings of cuisine and spices, in addition to conversations with international leaders.

The International Leadership Institute (ILI) also provides executive travel and volunteer opportunities for executives who want to gain a deeper understanding of regional or cultural issues. Institute’s opportunities include ILI Global Business Roundtable, Ralph Bunche Lecture Series, Community Events, and Salons with international visitors and gourmet food samplings.

The (TCICA) Twin Cities International Citizen Awards recognizes extraordinary accomplishments by leaders and corporations to make a positive difference, by making a global impact through local efforts. This special gala is held annually in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area.

Diversity Council Membership Includes:
One corporate art exhibit
International visitor hosting opportunities
Monthly cultural activities
Program details will be custom designed for your organization.

Art Exhibit without membership:
Program details will be custom designed for your organization.

Kente cloth/ NYANKONTON means God’s eye brow (the rainbow)
(Photos are samples of types of art available for display)



The ILI Resource Center, located in Minneapolis, was established to help community advocates and professionals develop international experience, leadership skills and knowledge about complex global cultures. The Institute's primary focus is in the countries of Africa, Asia and India. The Center provides a place for student interns to do research development, for computer literacy, and hosts many of the Civic Education Program's Ralph Bunche Lectures Series and Caribbean Basin Interest Section meetings. Go to CONTACT to get on the Institute's email list for events and programs.

The ILI Foreign Policy Round Table is a network of advocates providing analysis and leadership foreign policy matter and programs of the United Nations. The ILI Foreign Policy Round Table also hosts international dignitaries and leaders at local community town hall meetings and selected in country executive presentations.

The ILI Civic Education Programs includes development of Community Expungement Workshops with several partner organizations in the Twin Cities area, reaching more than 1300 people since 2002. The ILI, with sponsor organizations, produced a Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Festival at Sabathani Community Center in February 2002, which attracted over 800 citizens and volunteers from around the metropolitan area. Since the fall of 2003 the Institute has hosted the Ralph Bunche Lecture Series which presented in country mission research papers entitled Children in the Kenyan Legal System, the Gullah Islands, and Africa and Oil-The Niger Delta. On-going programs and events include the Children of Uganda Troupe, Brown vs. the Board of Education tpt television presentation and community commemoration, HIV/AIDS and Human Rights education and the Rule of Law training.

The ILI Global Business Round Table initiatives include the South Africa - Minnesota Trade & Business Council. The Roundtable has worked with the Southern Development Community (SADC) to bring trade conferences to Minnesota in 1998 and 2000. The committee has participated in non-governmental advisory activities for the African Growth and Opportunity Act. Other ILI programs include international visitors exchange programs, international nurses training program, and a historical Sister City Program partnership between Minneapolis and Eldoret Kenya. Monthly meetings with business leaders provide a unique opportunity to obtain strategic business information. (Membership Form).

Global Business Roundtable tour South African delegation to Agriculture related businesses and corporations

The International Leadership Institute in collaboration with the MN Department of Agriculture Offices, SA Consul, Mn Trade Office and several major Minnesota corporations presented business opportunities to a delegation of South African women farmers and business owners (9/2012). Global Business Roundtable members were included as a part of the group’s visit to Minnesota including other interested company representatives. This seven day visit entitled Minnesota agro-processing mission was filled with seminars, manufacturing fruit and vegetable plant visits, programs on organic farming and distribution, international marketing, and a apple farm corporation in Hastings, MN.

Caribbean Interest Section - this group serves all nations of the Caribbean Basin and will provide an opportunity for a careful examination of the economic, political and cultural history of each country, as well as a determination of current needs in the region. Go to the CONTACT page to get on our email list for events and programs.

Greater Horn of Africa Interest Section Group - will cover an area that includes Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. The focus will be education, economic development, ethnic and religious conflict resolution, improvement of governance through training, rule of law programs, anti-corruption initiatives and transparency. Human rights education and infrastructure development in the health care sector will be very important to this region.

Somalia – Global Program Development
For more than ten years the ILI has been involved with Somali people and several community and international organizations. Through our travels to Africa and local communities we have developed long term relationships that have become rich friendships and resources. ILI president Judge LaJune Lange's introduction fully into the Somali community was an invitation to the Northeast Province of Kenya a historical former region of Somalia. Invited by Womankind Kenya, an ILI Partner, she traveled there and has returned several times to work with marginalized Somali women, children and men in the area and in surrounding Garissa, Wajir and Ijara. The region is experiencing transitions impacted by Kenya’s neglect and several famines. Through exchange programs the indigenous women leaders of Womankind Kenya, Sophia Noor and Hubbie Hussein, have provided great resources to Somali women and others in the Twin Cities metro area and other indigenous Somali communities around the world for almost 20 years. This established ILI partnership along with other impressive groups has lead to the development of Civic Education Programs, Tsunami Relief and support in the Northern Province region. Coventry Cowens, Program Director, has also traveled to Garissa to visit and talk with key persons in the Region including Dr. Khadija Abdalla, Medical Superintendent/Pediatrician of the Garissa Regional Hospital. The hospital is a growing major medical center in the region and is a ILI partner.

The ILI has worked with Somali organizations in the Twin Cities at various capacities over the past 10 years. This has included technical missions to women's prisons and settlements in Kenya with local Somali women, program development in Minneapolis, St. Cloud and St. Paul Minnesota. Nadifa Osman, a long time member of the ILI and community liaison, traveled, with the support of the Human Rights Center, to Kenya to examine the conditions of Mandera in the North Eastern Province of Kenya. To see Nadifa Osman's report about the Mandera Region click on the link below. Mrs. Osman's report is one of many ILI records that document conditions in the Northern region of Kenya. Also available for review is Womankind Kenya’s Water and Cultural diversity: Mediating for Sustainable Development report presented to the ILI and at the United Nations.

Nadifa Osman's report

Water Report – Womankind Kenya

Womankind Kenya (http://www.womankindkenya.blogspot.com/)
Womankind Kenya is an indigenous local non-governmental organization based in the Northeastern province of Kenya with its headquarters in the Garissa Municipality. Founded in 1989 by local Somali pastoral women who were committed to improving the living standards and level of decision making of their fellow pastoral women and the girl child in the province. Womankind Kenya exists to support the most vulnerable members of the community, specifically women, destitute children and poor households of the Northeastern province and to build their capacity, knowledge and ability to take control of their lives. The International Leadership Institute has developed more than ten years of partnership with Womankind Kenya. Members of the ILI have traveled to Garissa to support continuing community programs in the Northeastern province and directed resources to connecting organization in the region including the Garissa Hospital.

The ILI Youth Leadership Council and program provides opportunities for young people to travel to Africa for cultural immersion programs and community projects. In the summers of 2000 and 2001, the ILI youth helped complete a four-room school building in Eldoret, Kenya. The Little Angels Academy provides an opportunity for children from impoverished families and orphans to obtain an education. Special emphasis has been placed on the education for girls and health services. More than one hundred children are enrolled at Little Angels Academy. The ILI has provided a school administrator, teachers, social workers and health care volunteers to feed and educate the children. Other opportunities for ILI youth have included traveling to Seattle, Washington to meet with computer technology experts and participating at the Nobel Peace Prize Conference in Decorah, Iowa. A visit with Mrs. Kofi Annan and Mrs. Steven Biko has provided additional perspectives for the youth. Since the fall of 2002, the ILI Youth Leadership Council has organized a Youth Conference at the University of Minnesota Law School Human Rights Center, attracting educators and international experts. Over 150 community youth from culturally diverse backgrounds attended the conference. Go to CONTACT to request additional information about the youth leadership program.

The ILI Global Health Committee is comprised of physicians, researchers, policy analysts, health care advocates and certified HIV/AIDS educators who are committed to education, prevention and treatment of communities and nations in the ILI global mission service areas. HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and STD's disproportionally affected areas that lack resources for treatment and prevention. The committee works with governmental and non-governmental partners to provide education training and prevention materials appropriate to the cultural context.

Minneapolis students and Nkosinathi Biko

Zimbabwe Widows and Orphans Trust

  The Institute has been involved in the economic development and right's of the Zimbabwe Widows and Orphans Trust. This group of over 2,500 women and children is working with the Institutes' support to provide shelter and income for the members. The Institute, along with Minnesotan and Zimbabweans, is working to provide education funds so the children can attend school and the women can start their own businesses. Sharon Garth, of St. Paul, has developed local support and raised funds through church presentations and grant proposals with major foundations. The Institute had a Rhodes scholar, Gretchen Rohr, working in Harare with the women (1999). This is an on going program in the country of Zimbabwe Africa.

African to Africa
South Africa Mission - Grey Hospital, King Williams Town

At the Grey Hospital visit, the Institute's team, including a medical doctor and business professional, met with staff and toured the facilities. The 85 bed structure once served only about 20% of the population and now provides medical services to 100% of the people without addition funding from the government. Medical priorities (assessed by Dr. Ardena Flippen of Chicago) are: dealing with HIV positive patients (lack of medication), a lack of emergency vehicles and trained personnel/driver, limited staff, underutilized space, and no computer system for maintaining patient records (all records maintained by hand). 31 clinics in the region send patients to Grey Hospital. The Institute is looking for resources and funds to help provide supplies needed at this hospital where Mrs. Stephen Biko is a nurse. Judge Lange has been in conversations with local business, church and medical professionals to develop opportunities for the hospital. The Institute continues to maintain programs in the areas of health and leadership in the development


The ILI Global Business Round Table initiatives include the South Africa - Minnesota Trade & Business Council. The Roundtable has worked with the Southern Development Community (SADC) to bring trade conferences to Minnesota in 1998 and 2000. The committee has participated in non-governmental advisory activities for the African Growth and Opportunity Act. Other ILI programs include international visitors exchange programs, international nurses training program, and a historical Sister City Program partnership between Minneapolis and Eldoret Kenya. Monthly meetings with business leaders provide a unique opportunity to obtain strategic business information. (Membership Form). Interview with Mr. Mike Abri

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